Psychtoolbox>PsychHID.{mex*} subfunction

err = PsychHID(‘SetReport’, deviceNumber, reportType, reportID, report)

Send a report to the connected USB HID device.
“deviceNumber” specifies which device.
“reportType” is 2=output, 3=feature (0 to just echo arguments).
“reportID” is either zero or an integer (1 to 255) specifying the topic, e.g.
read analog, read digital, write analog, etc. If you provide a non-zero
reportID, the first byte of your “report” will be overwritten with this
reportID. You have to take this into account, ie., leave a leading byte of space
for the reportID to avoid corrupting your actual report data. If reportID is
zero, then your “report” will be sent as-is, without any special treatment of
the first byte.
“report” must be an array of char or integer (8-, 16-, 32-, or 64-bit, signed or
unsigned) holding the correct total number of bytes.
The returned value “err.n” is zero upon success and a nonzero error code upon
failure, as spelled out by “” and “err.description”.

###See also: GetReport