Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction


Start logging transitions of digital input bits 0 to 15. This will log rising
and falling edges of the digital inputs, and is the best way to monitor button
box responses. Whenever a transition is detected, the log will receive a new
record containing the timetag of the transition, and the new state of the
digital inputs. The actual hardware logging will be initiated by the next RegWr*
Note that the first call to StartDinLog must be preceeded by a call to SetDinLog
to initialize and clear the log. Once SetDinLog has been called, StartDinLog and
StopDinLog may be called multiple times to enable and disable logging.
See DatapixxSimonGame, DatapixxDin*Demo files for examples.

###See also: EnableDinDebounce, SetDinLog, StopDinLog, GetDinStatus, ReadDinLog