Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetTouchpixxLog’ [, bufferBaseAddress=12e6] [, numBufferFrames=1000]);

Configure TOUCHPixx touch panel logging. The TOUCHPixx controller polls the
panel at more than 5kHz waiting for a panel press. When a panel press is
detected, a touch timetag is stored with the x,y coordinates into a log buffer.
If continuous logging is enabled, successive timetags and coordinates are logged
at 200Hz. A final timetag and (0,0) coordinates are logged when the panel
pressure is released.
-“bufferBaseAddress” specifies the start of the RAM buffer which should hold the
logged data inside the Datapixx. Use ReadTouchpixxLog to upload the logged data
from this address after calling StartTouchpixxLog.
-“numBufferFrames” specifies the desired size of the log buffer in the Datapixx
RAM. This buffer is circular, so it must be large enough to hold all logged
transitions between successive calls to ReadTouchpixxLog. newLogFrames returned
by GetTouchpixxStatus indicates the number of transitions logged since the last
call to ReadTouchpixxLog.
Note that the first call to StartTouchpixxLog must be preceeded by a call to
SetTouchpixxLog to initialize and clear the log. Once SetTouchpixxLog has been
called, StartTouchpixxLog and StopTouchpixxLog may be called multiple times to
enable and disable logging.
Note that the TOUCHPixx subsystem uses some of the Digital Input resources.
Specifically, TOUCHPixx logging cannot be used simultaneously with digital input
See Touchpixx*Demo files for examples.

###See also: EnableTouchpixx, GetTouchpixxCoordinates, StartTouchpixxLog, StopTouchpixxLog, ReadTouchpixxLog, EnableTouchpixxLogContinuousMode, GetTouchpixxStatus