Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetMicrophoneSource’, source [, gain]);

Set Datapixx audio input source.
-“source” can take on one of two integer values:
1: Microphone
2: Audio In
Audio input data can be acquired from two input connectors on the Datapixx. The
“MIC IN” jack is a high-impedance microphone input with 2V bias. This is for
unpowered microphones, as might be found on an inexpensive headset. The “Audio
IN” jack is a line level (1V RMS) audio input for connection to powered
microphones, or any standard line out (1V RMS) audio equipment.
-“gain” specifies the amplication (1-1000) which is applied to the input signal.
If the optional gain parameter is not supplied, default values are 100 for the
microphone input, and 1 for the line-level audio input.
See DatapixxMicrophone*Demo files for examples.

###See also: InitAudio, SetMicrophoneSchedule