Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetGcdShiftHardwareTransform’, xGain, xOffset, yGain, yOffset);

Specifies the transformation between hardware inputs and pixel shifts for gaze
contingent displays.
PROPixx Controller implements a gain and an offset when mapping hardware inputs
to x/y pixel shifts. The Gain terms indicate how many pixels should be shifted
for a full-scale hardware input, divided by 4. For example, the default value of
512 means that a full-scale input from the ADC (+10V) will shift the image 2048
pixels to the right. The Offset terms are in straight pixels. For example,
assigning a value of 10 would cause the above +10V ADC to shift the image by
2058 instead of 1048 pixels. Note that these gains and offsets are implemented
as signed 16-bit values.

###See also: EnablePropixxGcdShift, EnablePropixxGcdShiftHardware, EnableGcdShiftHardwareBridge, SetGcdShiftHardwareMode