Celia's VSS 2024 presentation available on YouTube.


Celia’s Psychtoolbox 2024 update presentation from last Monday at VSS 2024 is now available on YouTube in Celia’s channel. It was part of the satellite event about “Psychophysics Software with Matlab”, organized by Mathworks with support from INCF.

This year, Mathworks chose a title for the satellite that attracted an audience bigger than the 8 or so people that showed up last time, estimates from people in the room suggest about 50 participants.


The new presentation is here:


Commenting, questions etc. wrt. to the presentation should probably be directed at the user forum here:


I don’t know when the rest of the presentations, e.g., from PsychBench and VPixx and INCF and Mathworks, as well as the Q & A, will become available, as that is done by Mathworks or INCF.

For reference, Celia’s past presentation from VSS 2022 can be watched here: