VSS 2024 Satellite on Psychophysics Software with Matlab


Next Monday at VSS 2024, there will be a satellite event about “Psychophysics Software with Matlab”, organized by Mathworks. Among other things, it will involve:

  • A remote presentation by Celia Foster about the latest news wrt. Psychtoolbox since the last such event in 2022, and I will also participate remotely in the Q & A part of the event.

  • VPixx will present some Psychtoolbox related solutions of theirs, as far as I know.

  • Giles Holland will present about progress with his high-level toolbox PsychBench on top of Psychtoolbox.

The Psychtoolbox session should be interesting for users of Apple Silicon Macs, and to those who still want to have a Psychtoolbox around in the next year.

This year, Mathworks chose a title for the satellite that might actually attract an audience bigger than the 8 or so people that showed up last time. I hope my announcing it here a few days in advance instead of an hour in advance will also help ;).


For reference, Celia’s past presentation from VSS 2022 can be watched here: