PTB beta release 2011-11-6 (SVN Revision 2357)


For details, please review the detailed change log.

With this beta update, we changed our hosting service for Psychtoolbox from Berlios which is operated by the FOKUS institute of the german Fraunhofer society to GoogleCode, operated by Google. This migration was done because Berlios was about to shut down its operations by the end of the year 2011 due to lack of funding. Now it seems that at least Berlios basic services will be able to continue, maintained and funded by a volunteer driven non-profit organization created for the purpose of rescuing this great institution. Unfortunately these news came too late for us.

Migration of existing Psychtoolbox installations from Berlios to Google should happen automatically and mostly transparent for users during regular Psychtoolbox updates and downloads.

Good bye Berlios, and thank you for five years of great service!

Misc improvements, bug fixes, and new functions:

  • Some function and unit test updates by Diederick.
  • Improve SensorToSettings by David.