Online function reference available


Thanks to the clever and enthusiastic work of Tobias Wolf, the help texts of Psychtoolbox are now also available online:

The same link is available from the top page of the Wiki as “Function reference”.

The reference is mostly automatically generated by a clever Python script that we will occassionally run over the whole ‘beta’ distribution. The script automatically extracts, formats, hyperlinks and uploads the help content from all Psychtoolbox M-Files and the online help of most MEX files to the documentation Wiki.

The online reference is imho much more easily readable/browseable due to all the nice clickable cross-links and the much nicer formatting. The content however is almost the same as what you get from your Matlab console by typing help Psychtoolbox, help GetChar, Screen, Screen OpenWindow? etc. Unfortunately there don’t exist any scripts that automatically rewrite documentation :-(

The script is clever but it has the hard job of turning an organically grown mass of help texts, written by many different people and as many different opinions on formatting/writing style but without any formal markup language, into something half-way structured ;-) – iow. formatting glitches are to be expected. If you find small glitches, take them as beautful examples of modern art. If you are really annoyed by some formatting, feel free to find out what goes wrong and contribute fixes to the documentation or even better, volunteer to be the one with good taste and make it your personal mission to beautify our documentation.