Psychtoolbox user survey 2016


As of 6th July we got 356 responses in 22 days - Good, but we need more! Keep them coming!!

We are currently conducting a user survey for Psychtoolbox. Please participate, the sooner the better! We need one person per lab to respond, ideally one with sufficient insight into the operation of the lab, the labs needs, and the labs ability to contribute funding to PTB. In other words, the PI of the lab, or maybe a lab manager might be best suitable to fill out the survey.

The outcome of this survey may help to secure some short-term, time-limited bridge funding for Psychtoolbox development, maintenance and support. It will also influence decisions on how to fund future development, as well as priorities in development wrt. supporting new functionality or hardware.

The survey has a mandatory part of six questions, important for funding decisions and PTB’s future, and an optional longer part of optional questions, mostly to determine how you use PTB, what your needs and wishes are, what hardware/software you use.

Click on this link to the survey form if you want to participate