PTB BETA "Bring in the cat! (+SP5)" released


The new BETA “Bring in the cat!” and its Service Pack 2-5 update was released at 14th May 2016.

As usual, the complete development history can be found in our GitHub repository. The release tag is “PTB_Beta-2016-05-14_V3.0.12”, with the full tree and commit logs under the URL:


New features:

  • TurnTableDemo: Fix for compatibility with Matlab R2015b and later.
  • BitsPlusPlus: Add new subfunction ‘UseFE1StereoGoggles’ to automatically drive those CRS goggles.
  • BitsStereoDemo: Make use of modern PTB features like UseFE1StereoGoggles.
  • Some file permission cleanups by Yaroslav.
  • Fixed some typo in ComputeCIEConeFundamentals() help text by git user spitschan.
  • Screen(‘DrawTextures’) speed improvements, only for 64-Bit Screen for Matlab and Octave on Linux for now.
  • Screen, PsychHID for RaspberryPi updated.
  • XOrgConfCreator now can also setup xf86-video-modesetting, the generic video driver for Linux.
  • PsychGPUControl now can deal with Compiz single-x-screen multi-display setups for Ubuntu’s standard “Unity” GUI.
  • rpath fixes for mex files on Octave-3/4 for 64-Bit OSX to make PTB for Octave on OSX work with different Octave versions.
  • VC4 DRI3/Present Mesa 11.2 workaround for Screen() on RaspberryPi.
  • Allow normal users PTB low-level access to modern AMD gpu’s, e.g., the R9 380 Tahiti Pro.
  • Additional performance improvements to Screen(‘AsyncFlipBegin/End/…’) - So far only for 64-Bit Linux.
  • Performance improvements to PsychProPixx.
  • KDE-5 multi-x-screen “pointer gets stuck” workaround for KDE-5 Plasma on KUbuntu 16.04.0-LTS.
  • Minor fixes and improvements to various M-Files.