PTB BETA "Rainbows, Droids & Compute Hippies!" SP12 released


The last update to the latest beta. Some feature improvements for use of the GStreamer SDK, especially on Windows. Upgrading to the 2013.6 SDK is recommended. Some minor other improvements and some bug fixes.

Bug fixes have been applied to the Psychtoolbox-3.0.10 flavor as well, but functional improvements are no longer applied to 3.0.10 aka 32-Bit OSX.

Users which want to stick to ancient OSX 10.4 or 10.5, or want to continue to use PTB with 32-Bit Matlab on OSX are advised to switch to the Psychtoolbox-3.0.10 flavor immediately by use of the DownloadPsychtoolbox() function with the flavor parameter set to Psychtoolbox-3.0.10. The next PTB beta update, whenever that will happen, will remove all support for those ancient configurations without further warning.

  • Make drawtext plugin on Linux and OSX more robust against weird fonts (non 8bpp fonts). This fixes the bug on Gentoo Linux reported in msg #15827.

  • Improve window focus handling for GUI windows on Linux. Don’t steal window focus.

  • Enable video capture and recording with GStreamer SDK. Video capture works on OSX with the SDK. Video recording works, but so far has very low performance with the SDK. Functionality should work on 64-Bit Matlab on Windows, but is so far mostly untested.

  • Enable movie writing with GStreamer SDK 2013.6. Works ok on OSX. On MS-Windows, it currently manages to write a valid movie file, but often hangs Matlab at the end of the writing session, so this is of limited use on Windows…

  • Enable delay loading of GStreamer SDK dll’s for 64-Bit Matlab on Windows to make installation of the SDK optional. Screen() will work without the SDK being installed, as long as no video capture/recording, movie writing or movie playback is used. This is now consistent with the behaviour on 32-Bit Matlab for Windows and should simplify installation of the Windows PTB a bit.

  • Fix regression in BubbleDemo, which was introduced in a previous beta release.

  • Allow sending arbitrary data types in NetStation() to the EEG system, not only 32-Bit integers. Contributed by Matt Mollison, University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

  • Performance improvements for DaqAInScan et al., contributed by Daniel Braun, University of Birmingham.

  • Fix GLU toolkit NURBS functions regression, so they can be actually used.

  • Movie demo cleanups for pure GStreamer operation and no more Quicktime.

  • Improvements to radiometric functions by David Brainard.