End of support for Windows XP...


A gentle reminder that the end of life for Microsoft Windows XP is approaching quickly:


What a lucky coincidence that April 2014 is not only the month of the scheduled demise of Windows XP, but also the month of arrival of the next Ubuntu Linux long term support release Ubuntu 14.04-LTS.

Starting with the next PTB beta release and start of the ptb 3.0.12 series, people can consider Windows XP and Vista unsupported at least by me. While i expect ptb to continue to work ok on WinXP, and i won’t sabotage it intentionally, i will not perform any testing, bug fixing or support for that system in any way for probems only related to WinXP or Vista. The very little bit of tuning and development that happens for the MS os’es at all will focus on Windows-7 and later.

“If you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”