PTB beta release 2012-2-8 (SVN Revision 2450)


For details, please review the detailed change log.


Screen() now supports frame-sequential stereo presentation on graphics card / graphics driver / operating system combos which don’t provide native OpenGL quad-buffered frame-sequential stereo support. In stereomode 1 it detects if native support is available and uses it if possible. Otherwise its own built-in implementation is used. Stereomode 11 always uses the built-in implementation.

Tested and shown to work reasonably well on WinXP, OS/X, Linux with sufficiently fast gpu & cpu under light load. Robustness of this built-in method is highly dependent on speed and timing behaviour of the underlying os and computer / gpu hardware. A native implementation (e.g., NVidia QuadroFX or AMD Fire gpu’s) is preferrable if available, but this should be good enough for not too demanding casual stereo presentation.

Bugfixes / Tweaks:

  • Fix to PsychtoolboxPostInstallRoutine by Diederick.

  • DrawFormattedText now allows wrapping of Unicode text as well.

  • Screen/Linux: Allow floating slave input devices for use with GetMouse().

  • Screen/Linux: Robustness improvement to OML timestamping for nouveau.

  • Screen: Some documentation fixes.

  • Screen/Linux: Don’t link directly against libraw1394, only indirectly through libdc1394 if libdc1394 needs libraw1394. May or may not help with broken Matlab installations on Linux.

  • PsychHID for Windows and Linux: Bugfixes to ‘GetReport’ et al. Does no longer enqueue empty hid reports – no buffer overflow anymore. Small fixes to error handling.

  • Fix documentation of Quest: Formula in help text was inconsistent with formula in actual implementation.

  • Various other small documentation fixes.