PTB beta release 2011-11-29 (SVN Revision 2381)


For details, please review the detailed change log.

No new features in this release, just a host of bug fixes, compatibility fixes and workarounds for broken operating systems, device drivers and other hardware.

Misc fixes:

  • PsychHID: Compatibility and performance fixes of Linux/Windows version with OS/X version. Now should hopefully behave identically and support HID Set/GetReport properly.

  • PsychRTBox: Compatibility fixes with latest boxes and firmware.

  • PsychDataPixx: Handle GPUs which have gamma tables with more than 256 slots, e.g., NVidia QuadroFX-3800 on Linux.

  • DowloadAdditionsForNeuroDebian: On Octave + Linux, also download DataPixx driver.

  • LoadIdentityClut: Handle NVidia GPUs with more than 256 gamma table slots, e.g., pro GPUs on Linux.

Screen on Linux:

  • Fix multi-display detection and setup for ZaphodHead multi-display on multi-x-screen configurations. Make a reasonable assignment of RandR crtcs and physical GPU crtcs

  • Fix tiny bugs in new RandR multi-display setup code.

  • RandR compatibility fixes for NVidia GPUs with binary blob driver: The proprietary NVidia driver lies to us: It claims full RandR V1.2 support, but only supports a subset of functions. E.g., it fails miserably with video modeline queries and get/set gamma tables. Add detection code to detect this and use a good’ol XF86VideoModeExtensions fallback.

  • Handle GPUs with gamma tables with more than 256 slots correctly. NVidia pro class GPUs, e.g., QuadroFX-3800 have 2048 slots, god knows why. Anyway…

Screen on MacOS/X

Try to work around broken VBL-IRQ mechanism on OS/X 10.7 Lion. Test by users pending. Either this fixes it, or it is “game over” for VBL-IRQ timestamping on Apple hardware.