PTB beta release 2011-08-24 (SVN Revision 2193)


A summary of major improvements, features, bug fixes. For details, please review the detailed change log.

PsychHID support for Linux and Windows

  • KbQueueXXX support for both systems. Linux allows multiple keyboard queues, one for each individually adressable keyboard. Windows only allows one queue for the system keyboard. In theory it allows also multiple queues, but for that it would need to enumerate separate keyboards separately. However, Microsoft has removed this function in their DirectInput implementation for Windows-XP and later. Thanks Microsoft!

  • KbCheck support for individual keyboards on Linux.

  • GetMouse/SetMouse/ShowCursor/HideCursor support for multiple independent mice/pointers on Linux.

  • Touchpad, touch tablet, digitizer tablet, gamepad, joystick support on Linux. Tested with some usb joystick and a Wacom CintiQ tablet.

  • USB low-level control support (control transfers) for Linux and Windows. Tested with ColorCal2 driver for Linux, but not tested at all on Windows.

  • USB-HID device enumeration and control (HID transfers a la Set/GetReport) for HID devices. This should make the DAQ toolbox work cross-platform but DAQ toolbox is untested due to lack of hardware.


Some fixes for text renderer and text renderer plugin, and small improvements.


OpenAL 3D sound support now also implemented for Linux.


  • Improvements to fitting routines etc. in PsychColorimetric folder by David Brainard.

  • Fixes and improvements and some staircase functions by Diederick Niehorster.

  • Other smallish bits and bytes.