Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘WritePropixxTScopePages’, pageIndex, pageData);

Download 1 or more T-Scope images to PROPixx RAM.
T-Scope images are 1920 * 1080 bits = 2,073,600 bits = 259,200 bytes.
T-Scope images are stored little-endian, so bit 0 of byte 0 controls the
top-left pixel.
The maximum number of pages available to T-Scope movies depends on how much RAM
is available in the PROPixx.
Currently the PROPixx contains 2GB of RAM. The top 32MB is reserved, leaving
2016 MB for the T-Scope.
T-Scope pages are stored within the PROPixx on 256kB boundaries, so a maximum of
8064 T-Scope pages are available.
-“pageIndex” indicates the location (in the range 1-8064) where the write should
-“pageData” is an unsigned character array with the data to write.
The size of pageData should be an integer multiple of 259,200 bytes, and
determines the number of pages to write.
See Propixx10kHzTScopeDemo.m for an example.

###See also: EnablePropixxTScope, EnablePropixxTScopePrepRequest, SetPropixxTScopeSchedule, StartPropixxTScopeSchedule