Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetTouchpixxStabilizeDuration’, duration);

Set duration in seconds that TOUCHPixx panel coordinates must be stable before
being recognized as a touch in GetTouchpixxCoordinates. Touching a resistive
panel very lightly with a soft object (eg: finger) can cause some jitter in the
panel’s calculated x/y touch coordinates. To eliminate this jitter in data
returned by GetTouchpixxCoordinates, we can specify a period of time within
which measured x/y coordinates must be stable before being recognised as a
touch. The initial value for this parameter is 0, which will return unfiltered
x/y coordinates. A reasonable value would be 0.01 (10 milliseconds). Note that
this feature only affects coordinates returned by GetTouchpixxCoordinates.
Values returned by logging are never filtered. The stabilization is implemented
in software, so GetTouchpixxCoordinates must be called repetitively during the
stabilization period. See Touchpixx*Demo files for examples.

###See also: EnableTouchpixx, GetTouchpixxCoordinates, SetTouchpixxLog, GetTouchpixxStatus