Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

Datapixx(‘SetPropixxDlpSequenceProgram’ [, program=0]);

Set PROPixx DLP sequencer.
The PROPixx uses an LED light engine to illuminate a DLP imaging chip. The
specified “program” determines how video bit planes drive the LEDs and DLP
micromirrors. program can take on one of the following values:
0: RGB, Normal video processing.
1: RB3D, Red/Blue channels contain left/right-eye stereoscopic greyscale
. This mode only supports refresh rate 120 Hz or less.
2: QUAD4X, 4 display quadrants are projected at 4x refresh rate, up to 480Hz
Frame order is: TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight.
5: QUAD12X, 4 display quadrants x3 RGB channels are projected greyscale at
12x refresh rate, up to 1440Hz
Frame order is: RedTopLeft, RedTopRight, RedBottomLeft, RedBottomRight,
6: RGB, Calibrated high bit depth.
9: GREY3X, Converts 640x1080@360Hz RGB video to 1920x1080@720Hz greyscale
video by using each color information
as one pixel at 360Hz and adding a blank frame between to create the
10:GREY720, Uses 1280x720@240Hz RGB to show sequentially the red, green and
blue frames in greyscale at 720Hz.

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