Psychtoolbox>Datapixx.{mex*} subfunction

selectedDevice = Datapixx(‘SelectDevice’ [, deviceType=-1] [, deviceName]);

Select a specific VPixx hardware device for subsequent operations.
If an experimental system contains multiple VPixx hardware devices (eg: a
PROPixx and a PROPixx Controller,
then this command can be used to indicate which of the devices should be
targeted for subsequent operations.
-“deviceType” can take one of the following values:
-1: Library will automatically attempt to operate on the appropriate device
(default value)
1: Operate on a DATAPixx CRT driver
2: Operate on a VIEWPixx
3: Operate on a PROPixx Controller
4: Operate on a PROPixx Projector
5: Operate on a DATAPixx2
6: Operate on a TRACKPixx
In the event that an experimental system contains multiple devices of the same
then “deviceName” can be used to target the device which has been given a
specific name.
Contact for instructions on assigning unique names to
individual devices.

###See also: Open