Psychtoolbox forum back again on Discourse!


Happy new year!

Our user forum has been resurrected at its new home at Discourse:

Link to new forum at Discourse

This is a way more polished and featureful discussion group system, so it should also provide improved usability. We have to figure out all the new bells and whistles ourselves over time, but all the basics should be ready.

People signed up to the old forum may have to (re-)sign up for the new Discourse forum. Much of the old content from the old YahooGroups forum has been imported into the new forum.

Yahoo has by now deleted all forum content from the old forum, so that one is as dead as it can be - you can delete your bookmarks to it, and R.I.P.

As some stats: The old Yahoo Groups forum had 2,810 subscribers at the time of its shutdown by Yahoo at the end of October 2019, and received 24136 messages during its lifetime from 17th January 2000 to 28th October 2019. We hope the new forum will show as much user engagement, now that it is reestablished!

For bug reports and feature requests, go to our Issue tracker by clicking this link

Hip hip hurray, and post away!