PTB BETA RELEASE "Sex, Lies and Video"


  • OSX 10.9 Mavericks compatibility fixes. E.g., for AppNap protection, visual timing fixes, other brokeness fixes.
  • Rewrite of OSX FontInfo and DrawText renderer for higher startup speed and compatibility and future proofing.
  • Add new supported GPU’s from AMD.
  • Minor bug fixes for OSX, Windows, Linux, e.g., IOPort, Eyelink, PsychHID KbQueues.
  • General improvements to video capture and video recording, e.g., for DV cameras.
  • DC1394 based Firewire video recording support, high bit depths capture support, various other bells and whistles.
  • DC1394 based Firewire multi-camera synchronized video capture/recording.
  • Staircase procedure improvements by Diederick Niehorster.
  • PsychColorimetric routines improved by David Brainard.