PTB BETA "Tediousness overdrive" released


The new BETA “Tediousness overdrive” was relased at 25th July 2015.

As usual, the complete develoment history can be found in our GitHub repository. The release tag is “PTB_Beta-2015-07-25_V3.0.12”, with the full tree and commit logs under the URL:

New features and improvements:

  • KbWait: Fix treatment of empty forWhat argument.
  • Screen: Fix PTB-2 emulation mode a bit.
  • Screen/Linux: Dis/Enable DPMS while onscreen windows are open.
  • Screen/Linux: Detect use of DRI3/Present.
  • Screen/OSX: Fix color handling of OS X native text renderer.
  • Improve help text of GetGamepad/Keyboard/KeypadIndices
  • Add Screen(‘DrawText’) color precision test case to HighColorPrecisionDrawingTest.
  • DrawFormattedText: Improve bounding box precision for single-line case.
  • DaqAInScan: Make it potentially a bit faster for USB 1608-FS.
  • Screen/OSX: Remove hybrid graphics workaround for MBP 2010
  • DaqALoadQueue: More fixes for Octave compatibility and basic sanity.
  • Screen/Linux: Use old-style override_redirect on multi-x-screen KDE.
  • Screen/Linux/X11: Prevent crash at Screen reload on multi-x-screen with buggy Mesa.
  • Screen/Linux/X11: Restrict workaround for Mesa mapi bug to Mesa < 10.5.2
  • White-list Mesa versions >= 10.5.9 and >= 10.6.2 for XCloseDisplay()
  • NetStation: Improve and consolidate various improvements. - Gergely Csibra
  • Screen: Add new optional ‘ignoreErrors’ flag to ‘LoadNormalizedGammaTable’
  • Screen: Make FTGL plugin the default text renderer on OSX.
  • BasicSoundScheduleDemo: Remove redundant ‘RunMode’ 1 assignment.
  • Screen/OSX: Try to make modesetting Retina compatible.
  • VideoCaptureDemo, VideoDelayLoopMiniDemo: Use default ROI by default.
  • Snd(): Some fixes for corner use case.
  • PsychVideoDelayLoop: Cleanup textures at end of each session.
  • Update “help DrawTextPlugin” for new default FTGL renderer on OSX.
  • Screen: Improve Screen(‘Close’, window);
  • Screen/OSX: Fix cursor movement lag after SetMouse()
  • Screen/OSX: Return OS reported mouse delta movement in GetMouse() valuators.
  • Screen: Add ‘detachFromMouse’ support to SetMouse().
  • Screen: Fix CopyWindow to use windows clientRect instead of rect for Retina/HiDPI compatibility
  • Screen/OSX: Fix hostname display in Screen(‘Computer’)
  • DrawFormattedText: Remove 250 chars linebreak on OSX. - Diederick Niehorster
  • Screen: CopyWindow update help text.
  • Screen/Linux: Make ext_buffer_age warning less chatty.
  • Speak: Fix use with apostrophes in text string. - elladawu
  • ImageUndistortionDemo: Minor improvements.
  • ImagingVideoCaptureDemo: Add a (disabled) test line for CSV geometrycorrection.
  • CreateDisplayWarp: Bug fix and enhancement for CSV method.
  • New prototype quality display correction method: DisplayUndistortionLabRiggerMouseStim.m
  • PsychImaging: Update help text for task ‘UseRetinaResolution’
  • Update and extend conversions between degrees and mm of retina - David Brainard.