PTB BETA RELEASE "Rainbows, Droids & Compute Hippies!" SP8 - Final


Final 3.0.10 series release update:

  • Reduce verbosity of PsychHID’s libusb debug output to “silence” on Linux by default.
  • Add proper psychtoolbox udev rules for MCC DAQ operations on Linux without root.
  • Verify Daq toolbox works mostly with MCC USB-DAQ 1408FS, disable obsolete warnings.
  • Try to make DaqAInScan work with 1408FS on 64-Bit OSX – unsuccesfull.
  • Small fixes & improvements to Daq toolbox.
  • Screen for 32-Bit Matlab on OSX final recompile to sync up with beta.

This is the branch point for the 3.0.10 branch.