Psychtoolbox beta updated


Psychtoolbox 3.0.13 “Jump Prep!” was released at 6th December 2016. As usual, the complete development history can be found in our GitHub repository. The release tag is “PTB_Beta-2016-12-06_V3.0.13”, with the full tree and commit logs under the URL:


New features and improvements:

All operating systems:

  • Download/Setup/UpdatePsychtoolbox: Be more lenient on unsupported platforms, to allow downloading of old PTB versions.
  • Fix compatibility of MOGL low-level OpenGL for Matlab support with Matlab R2015b and later versions.
  • MOGL: Fix glClearNamedFramebufferfi().
  • Improvements to DaqAInScan(), some by user jsdpag. New option options.nodiscard. Robustness improvements if multiple DAQ’s are connected. Fixes for Matlab’s brokeness since R2013b.
  • Improvements to ple and PsychEyelinkDispatchCallback by iandol.
  • Fix getting Psychtoolbox root folder in scripts with nested functions, by zacklb.
  • NetStation: Fixed bug for less than 4 arguments for an event and improved argument handling for events. By Justin Ales.
  • VBLSyncTest: Only abort via ESC key, truncate plots/analysis on short (aborted by ESC) runs.
  • Fixes to text rendering plugin for textHeight return argument of Screen(‘TextBounds’) by Diederick.
  • Misc other fixes and lots of low level compatibility/maintenance work, e.g. upgrade of Screen() and moglcore() to GLEW-2.0, which is now the minimum required GLEW version.


  • Screen: New workarounds for the deficient Apple OS, to avoid some crashes of Matlab/Octave after a ‘clear all’ and then running a PTB script using Screen() again.
  • PsychtoolboxKernelDriver: Add support for AMD Polaris and Nvidia Pascal gpu families. Support for OSX 10.12 “Sierra”.
  • LoadIdentityClut: Intel HD gfx needs type 2 lut on OSX. At least on current Intel HD chips.


  • Fix potential ‘deviceIndex’ breakage for KbCheck on Windows.
  • IOPort on Windows: Allow specification of COM port numbers > 9, e.g., COM10.


  • Linux: Disable loading of ‘lp’ parallel port line-printer module harder, to simplify use of parallel ports for digital i/o.
  • Various improvements related to use of hybrid graphics/switchable graphics/Enduro/Optimus Laptops under Linux.
  • Linux: Add docu, config files and modified modesetting ddx for some use of NVidia Optimus Laptops under Linux with the proprietary NVidia driver under X-Server 1.19. See “help HybridGraphics”.