Psychtoolbox-3.0.13 released


Psychtoolbox 3.0.13 “Set condition 1!” has been released. This is the first release of the 3.0.13 series.

3.0.13 no longer supports:

  • 32-Bit Octave-4 for MS-Windows.
  • 64-Bit Octave-3.8 for OSX.
  • Mac OSX 10.8 “Mountain Lion” and OSX 10.9 “Mavericks”.

It only works on:

  • 64-Bit Octave-4 for Linux, Windows and OSX. 64-Bit Octave 3.8 on Linux.

  • 64-Bit Matlab on all operating systems, R2012a or later is recommended, earlier versions may or may not continue to work, but are no longer tested or supported in case of trouble.

  • OSX 10.10 Yosemite and OSX 10.11 El Crapitan. Only El Crapitan is tested and somewhat supported in case of trouble.

  • On Linux we no longer provide mex files for 32-Bit Octave for Intel machines for direct download from us. However, NeuroDebian / Debian upstream / Ubuntu upstream will continue to provide these mex files in a convenient fashion in their “app-stores”, so this is not really a drawback, just something to be aware of.

  • I will probably allow inclusion of M-Files into future betas which may use object oriented programming (aka classdef) if those files have been shown to work flawlessly on Octave-4 and don’t touch widely used core functionality. Octave-4 has limited support for classdef programming, so not all object oriented code will work. We continue to support Octave-3.8 during the life-time of Ubuntu Linux 14.04-LTS, and Octave-3 does not support classdef programming, so such M-Files should be limited to functionality that isn’t essential to the use of PTB by the majority of users.

Users who wish to stick to Psychtoolbox 3.0.12 because they want to continue use of a future unsupported platform can redownload Psychtoolbox via:

DownloadPsychtoolbox([targetdirectory], ‘Psychtoolbox-3.0.12’);

Obviously keep backup copies before deleting/redownloading. Alternatively simply refrain from ever executing UpdatePsychtoolbox again.

New features and improvements:

  • New function UniqueCell and improvements to SortCell by Diederick Niehorster.

  • Some bug fixes to XOrgConfCreator by zacklb.

  • Some improvements to color functions by David Brainard.

  • Improved RaspberryPi support. Psychtoolbox is pretty ready for the Pi! New mex file RPiGPIOMex to control the Pi’s GPIO pins and a demo RaspberryPiGPIODemo to demonstrate basic GPIO control of the 2 status LED’s on the RPi 2B.

  • Improvements and bug fixes to validation code for high precision display devices like VPixx Datapixx/Viewpixx/Propixx and the Cambridge Research Systems Bits+ and Bits#.

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements in 313 files.