By Frans Cornelissen, Enno Peters, and John Palmer

The Eyelink Toolbox software supports the measurement of eye movements by providing an interface between a high-level interpreted language ( Matlab), a visual display programming toolbox (Psychophysics Toolbox) and a video-based eyetracker (SR Research-Eyelink©). The Eyelink Toolbox enables experimenters to measure eye movements while simultaneously executing the graphics and stimulus presentation routines provided by the Psychophysics Toolbox.

The interface is implemented as a MEX file (Eyelink.mex), and a collection of m-files (native MATLAB code) The EyelinkToolbox uses the same approach as the Screen mex function provided in the Psychophysics Toolbox (which was used as example) and also uses the functions provided by this toolbox for doing any graphics involved.

If you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Psychophysics Toolbox (version 3) you already have the Eyelink Toolbox! You can find it in the PsychHardware / EyelinkToolbox folder. Please note that before you can actually use the toolbox with your Eyelink, you do need to install some libraries provided by SR Research.


The old Eyelink Toolbox website with information about ETB-1 (OS 9 and Win) as well as lots of other useful information is still available, but no longer maintained.


Although we have a great deal of trust in our toolbox, we cannot be hold responsible for any damage that may (appear to) be caused by the use of this toolbox. Use at your own risc. Note that this toolbox is NOT provided or supported by SR Research, the manufacturer of the Eyelink gazetracker, so do not contact them about this.
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