Support files for interfacing Psychtoolbox-3 with the
High Dynamic Range display device DR37-P or compatible
devices from BrightSide Technologies.


NOTE: Deprecated and scheduled for removal. The company BrightSide
is dead since before the year 2010, and so are most likely
all DR37-P displays ever made. Therefore the code here is
almost certainly obsolete. Also, the driver mex file is no
longer bundled since many years, given it was only built
for 32-Bit Intel cpu’s under WindowsXP for 32-Bit Matlab.

The driver consists of a high-level M-File “BrightSideHDR.m”
which implements the user callable PTB interface and a low-
level Matlab MEX file “BrightSideCore.dll” that does the
low level interfacing to BrightSides libraries.

The runtime libraries and config files for your display
need to be stored in the BSRuntimeLibs subfolder. They
are not included in Psychtoolbox, so you need to manually
copy them from your BrightSide installation CD to that folder.

Have a look at SimpleHDRDemo.m to see how simple it is to use the
display with PTB, thanks to the new PTB built-in imaging pipeline.


BrightSideBasicDemo – Basic demo to demonstrate use of the BrightSide display.

BrightSideHDR.m – Psychtoolbox interface to the display.
BrightSideCore.m – Technical documentation for BrightSideCore.mexw32.
BrightSideCore.cpp – C++ source code for BrightSideCore.mexw32

BSRuntimeLibs/ – Subfolder for runtime libraries and config.
Empty by default. Needs to be filled with files that
are bundled with the software for your display device.

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