BrightSideCore – Matlab MEX file for low-level interfacing with
BrightSide technologies HDR display controller library.

Don’t call this file directly, but use the user friendly BrightSideHDR()
command instead!!

Low-Level command codes:

BrightSideCore(0, configpath, configfile);

  • Initialize core, read config file ‘configfile’ located in path


  • Shut down brightside system, release all ressources.


  • Convert HDR image content of input texture to an image suitable for
    driving the HDR display, blit it into the real LDR framebuffer.

BrightSideCore(3, texid, fboid);

  • Change source texture to ‘texid’ and target framebuffer to ‘fboid’ for conversion.

BrightSideCore(4, ledintensity);

  • Change output multiplication factor for intensity of the LED array.

BrightSideCore(5, clampingenabled);

  • Enable or disable clamping of colors in the OpenGL pipeline, depending
    if ‘clampingenabled’ is 1 or 0. 0 == Disable clamping is what one usually
    wants for drawing of HDR content.
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