This folder should contain the libraries and configuration files
needed to build the BrightSideCore.dll from its source and to
actually use the DLL to interface PTB to a BrightSide High Dynamic
Range Display device. Upon load time, the BrightSideCore.dll will
dynamically link against the libraries in this folder and read the
configuration files needed for setting up the display.

In a standard Psychtoolbox-3 installation, this folder won’t contain
any of the runtime and development libraries or headers, because we
can not bundle them with PTB due to license restrictions.

If you are the proud owner of such a display device, you will have
a copy of the needed libraries and headers as part of the Software
which is bundled with the display device. Just copy those runtime
libraries and config files into this folder and you should be ready
to use your display with PTB.

Dependencies on DLL libraries and other files on M$-Windows

You must have the following libraries somewhere in your systems
library search path, either by putting them into the subfolder
outputlib/lib of this folder, or by putting them in a system default
library folder to use the BrightSideHDR with our precompiled mex file:

GL_OutputLibrary.dll – From BrightSide software.
CoreLibrary_GL.dll – From BrightSide software.
opengl32.dll – Part of your graphics driver installation.
glew32.dll – From
glut32.dll – From the source of the GLUT toolkit.
cg.dll – From NVidia’s Cg toolkit SDK:
cgGL.dll – From NVidia’s Cg toolkit SDK.
MSVCP71.dll – To be found in Psychtoolbox/PsychContributed/ARToolkitStuff

Additionally in the subfolders…
… you’ll need the appropriate BrightSide files.

You’ll also need all header (includes) and .lib files from the BrightSide
SDK if you want to rebuild the BrightSideCore.cpp file into a MEX file,
but this should be seldomly (if at all) needed:

outputlib/include – For all the header files .h
outputlib/lib – For all the .lib and .dll library files.

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